Schwitters Ursonate live in Newcastle May 2019

Florian Kaplick at the Hatton Gallery

Schwitters Spoken Loud and Softlyǀlive performanceǀ        Florian Kaplick  Wed 8th May 2019                   6-7pm                    Hatton Gallery                                                                                       Newcastle UniversityIn a special event to mark the closing of Heather Ross’ installation The Loud and the Soft Speakers, musician and performer Florian Kaplick (the  protagonist in Ross's installation) will give a live performance of Kurt Schwitter’s two most iconic works. This will include a performance of Schwitters' seminal sound poem The Ursonate (approx 40 mins) and a new  interpretation of his famous poem An Anna Blume, now celebrating its centenary year. This poem will be heard within a ‘recital collage’ created by Kaplick which references the work of American author Paul Auster. In three novels Auster uses a female character by the name of ‘Anna Blume’ in the very same spelling as Schwitters’ heroi…

Schwitters Silence Kaplick Ross


WW I Armistice 100 Debussy Concert


Collage Conference Edinburgh 18 April 2018


Debussy Tombeau │ La boîte à joujoux __ 24.3.2018

Intendant: Jan Burdinski  

La boîte à joujoux │DIE SPIELZEUGSCHACHTEL Musik-Theater im Schachtelformat, ganz analog und ein Tombeau mit einer Berceuse, einer Élégie und mehr von Claude Debussy(1862 - 25.3.1918) Idee, Klavier, Moderation: Florian Kaplick             Rezitation, Regie: Jan Burdinski
Premiere:  Samstag 24. März, Hollfeld,
                 Kulturzentrum St. Gangolf, 18 Uhr
(96142 Hollfeld, Gangolfsberg 6)
(Weitere Spielorte und Termine siehe unten) Ticket-Hotline VVK: 09274 / 947440